Frequently Asked Questions

About us

GetHenry is a subscription platform, providing access to personal e-mobility on a cost-effective and flexible basis.

We want to foster climate-neutral mobility options and create alternatives to private car trips in cities.

Booking process

On the website, select your product and the rental plan. You can choose between two minimum rental periods. As soon as you have made the payment your product is reserved and ready to be shipped. Your subscription starts as soon as your product arrives. You decide how long you like to rent your product.

You tell us your delivery address and we ship your product directly to your doorstep. The shipping price is included.

Rental period & Purchase Option

Depending on our stock, your rental products may be new or as good as new. We ensure that all products are checked for proper operation and serviced before shipping.

To cancel your subscription, just return the product by mail. We have sent you a return label in the delivery box. Your subscription ends with the scan of the label in the post office.

If you want to product, we deduct 50% of the paid rental fees from the retail price. OR: You simply keep it after you have reached the RRP and paid for 2 additional months.

Payment Process

We accept only Credit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX).

We take the first rental fee after your booking. After a credit check we ship your product. Your actual rental period starts from the day of the delivery / pick-up on. Your subscription is billed monthly.


No worries. Maintenance is included in Henry’s service and price. Please contact us and we fix your ride. In case of bigger damages we simply swap the vehicle with a new one.

Please contact us. If your product gets lost or stolen, you will need to cover the costs of loss.

In case of an accident, the first thing is to make sure that you and all people involved are okay and healthy. If it’s serious, please call the emergency or police. In a next step you should inform our customer services as soon as possible.

Please send us an email to