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Vello Bike

VELLO Bike + Kettenantrieb

Speed: 25-40 km/h
Weight: 13,9 kg
Range: 50 km and more

Standard-Delivery: 7-14 work days

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About the VELLO Bike+

The self-charging folding and lightest e-bike of its class for a powered-up ride. Thanks to the Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Weight: 13,9 kg
Dimensions: 57 x 79 x 29cm
Maximum speed: 25km / h with engine assistance
Range: endless (Bike + mode) or 30- 90 km
Battery: Lithium Ion, 25.2V / 3.9Ah
Charging time: 3 hours
Drive: 2000W motor
Brake system: Electronic regenerative braking
Tires: 80 mm

Rental info:

Rental Process

Choose your product and rental period. Depending on your rental plan, you will be charged weekly or monthly. Your subscription starts as soon as your product arrives. You decide how long you like to rent your product.


To cancel your subscription, just return the product by mail. We have sent you a DHL return label in the delivery box. Your subscription ends with the scan of the label in the post office.

Purchase option

Buy a new product and we deduct 50% of the paid rental fees from the retail price. OR: You can keep your rental product after you have reached the RRP and paid for 2 additional months.

Service fee

We charge a service fee of €9 which covers liability insurance, transport insurance and packaging material.

Insurance and permit

From June 2019 on our rental products include a liability insurance, a license plate and have the permission to be used on public roads in Germany


GetHenry takes care of repair costs, in case of accident damages and technical defects. Please contact our customer service and return the product to us.

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