Electric utility bikes

No matter if you are a delivery service or a courier. We offer the right e-bike for your specific delivery use case.

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E-bikes for couriers

Henry Classic

Up to 8 hours range

562WH replacable battery


Make long trips even more comfortable

7 speed gears

Cycle easily up-hill and down-hill

Adjustable seat

Ideal for most sizes

This ebike is especially comfortable for long rides. It’s a great all-rounder and very reliable.

Range: Up to 8h

Gears: 7 Gears

Charging time: 7h

Speed: 25km/h

Rear Carrier

Phone Holder

Henry Urban

Up to 8h range

Easy swappable battery

4 Speed levels

Adjust speed to 25km/h

35 Nm Torque Motor

Powerful rear wheel engine

Belt Drive System

Long-lasting, weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

This e-bike is ideally suited for city use. It’s light and fast with a sporty design.

Range: Up to 8h

Weight: 23 kg

Charging time: 7h

Speed: 25km/h

Front Carrier

Phone Holder

E-bikes for fleets

Henry Delivery

8 hours Battery

500WH replacable battery

Hydraulic disc brakes

Great braking force regardless of the weather conditions.

Branding Cover

Choose your own branding

7 Speed Gears

Cycle easily up and down-hill

The perfect fleet e-bike. Designed for durability and long rides.

Range: Up to 8h

Gears: 7 Gears

Charging time: 7h

Speed: 25km/h

250 WH rear motor

Optional delivery box


Upright Handlebars

Adjustable for upright sitting

Fat Tires

No flat tires anymore

Low entry

Strong frame with low-enry

8 hours Battery

500WH replacable battery

Fat tires and a solid frame. This ebike is perfect for intensive usage.

Range: Up to 8h

Weight: 29 kg

Charging time: 7h

Speed: 25km/h

250WH rear motor

20” Fat tires

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